What They Didn’t Know We Do

Today is going to be a busy but fantastic day:

Soundcheck, 2 worship services, college lunch, teach NSU, lead discipleship group, Gathering practice tonight.  I can’t think of better ways to spend my time than that!

What They Didn’t Know We Do [Series: Stand Firm]

Scripture: 1 Peter 1:10-12

As believers, we can be encouraged by realizing we know things that neither the prophets knew or the angels know!  With this knowledge, we can patiently persevere and follow the example of Christ who experienced glory after his time of suffering.

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Summer Discipleship

Summer Discipleship

When you are still in school, summer can be a great gift for relaxation and, unfortunately, a great divergence for spiritual formation.

During the summer months, you have more time than ever to read the Bible, pray, and serve, but sometimes, that freedom can lead to laziness and apathy.

I’m hoping to help that for some of you.

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Summer Mission Legends

We are so excited to welcome our summer missionaries back today!  Their flight will be landing this afternoon and heading back this way by this evening.

These six girls have been prayed for so much by the North Side family.  While members have been praying for each ones, one morning we also gave all worshipers the name of one girl that they were specifically supposed to pray for.  It’s been neat to have different people ask me how one of the girls was doing and if there was anything specific to pray for.

A few weeks ago, I drove through miles of farm in West Africa to a medium-sized village.  The road was incredibly rough as we navigated through crops.  As we approached the village, I saw a sight that would have been worth the entire trip.

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