Providing for Your Family

Providing for your family — it’s one of those interesting paradigms in God’s Kingdom. In some ways, you are to do all that you possibly can do to provide for them. You also are to pray and believe that God can provide all that you need. We are even to look at what “our hands have done” as a gift from God. It is a wonderful partnership and privileged responsibility.

So how is your family is doing?

Are there any needs in your immediate family that are not being met? If so, what are they?  What can you do to help? What can you pray and ask God?

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Teaching an Old Dad New Tricks

Want to be a better father?  Join me for the course Courageous: Honor Begins at Home.

Derek was a “good enough dad.” He provided for his family. He stayed faithful to his wife, never committed any of the “really bad” sins, and took his children to church. Most people would look at him and think he was a model father.

In his late 60s, something changed. As a retired grandfather, he become exposed to biblical teaching concerning a father’s responsibility to teach the truths of the Bible to his own children. Through the conviction of God’s Word, he began to seek out how exactly God had called him to live. As he watched the movie Courageous, he realized he too didn’t want to be just “a good enough dad.”

But it was too late. His children were out on their own, married with their own children. While all of his children were fine members of society, God was a part of their home and not the central piece. He realized that his children were simply repeating what they had seen.

His children were out of the home, but they were not beyond his influence.

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When God Does the Most With the Least Expected

In my life, I’ve learned that God often does the most with the least expected.

We often think we’ve got it all figured out.  In our estimation, we have enough knowledge to map out God’s plan for our lives.

But that rarely happens.  Oftentimes, God uses things in our lives that we never ever saw coming.

I said “yes” to the ministry when I was a teenager.  I really didn’t know what area I wanted to serve, I liked doing so many different things.

And yet, if you look at what God is using me the most in right now, I never would have seen this coming.

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Courageous in Lancaster

I had the extreme privilege to go and minister with Second Baptist Church Lancaster, SC last night. They were having a “Courageous” weekend, and I got to serve their church in some really special ways.

They had a men’s only screening of Courageous on Friday night.  Sunday morning, their pastor, Brian Saxon, had preached on fatherhood.  From 4 to 6, I taught a large group of guys who gave up a Sunday afternoon nap and a football game concerning fatherhood.  We took a 5 minute potty break, but we got into God’s Word and talked about what it meant to lead our homes.

At 6, I got to preach to the entire congregation.  Adam Langley and his crew did a great job leading worship – so wonderful to be led by him!

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“Why Isn’t Your Name on the Cover?”

As Courageous has been making headlines around the country for the success in the box office, I have been rejoicing at all that God is doing through it.  I’ve kinda been surprised that my small role in the ministry aspect of it has caused me to be interviewed by a few different sources.  The Bible Study book that I worked on is available now, but the whole kit with the DVD and extras won’t be available until Feb. 2012.

In a phone interview last week, someone had already picked up the book and asked me this question: “Why isn’t your name on the cover?”

As you can see by the picture, the  leaders for Sherwood Baptist Church and Sherwood Pictures names are on the cover, and this inquiring mind on the other side of the phone wanted to know where mine was.


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Honor Begins at Home


What an incredible weekend!  With a limited number of theaters showing the film Courageous, it was the top 5 movie in the box office this weekend!  That is unheard of!

If you got to see it, you know the range of emotions you experience during this roller coaster ride.  It is absolutely powerful.  We watched it with a Friday night showing at 7:00 that North Side rented out.  It was great to watch it and experience it with my church family.

Many of asked about the Bible study I worked on.  You can purchase “Honor Begins at Home” with LifeWay stores now.  It is an 8-session study that highlights principles in the book.  You can actually download a copy of one week’s lesson for free here.

But there is a slight catch.

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In the Beginning Was the Word


Wow, what a stellar day to be a part of North Side!

We kicked off a new series today studying the Book of John entitled, “Knowing Jesus.”  To start things off, we celebrated some baptisms.  We sang “Come and Listen” as our candidates told why they were being baptized.  My favorite part of the day was watching fathers baptize their children!  Doesn’t get better than that for me.  Coming off the “Courageous” series, movie release this weekend, and our 1st family worship guide, it was incredible to watch!

Today, we worshiped to:

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