“It Is Finished” – Storytellers

“Twisted crown of thorns upon Your head.”

When we got together to begin the process of writing “Knowing Jesus” – a chronological worship project focusing on the life of Christ – the above lines were the first ones penned.  I had put a group of 4 in our living room to work on the crucifixion song, and 4 of them were in the playroom working on the resurrection song.  The task was to study all 4 gospel accounts on the event for a good while before writing anything down.

The groups studied the Word for a long while.  After I went back and forth between each room, I eventually allowed them to start writing the song.  It was so incredible to watch Woody, Evan, Peggy, and Michael work.  The line that served as a catalyst for this group was John 19:2 as it described a twisted crown of thorns placed upon the head of Jesus.  If you are familiar with the artwork, you also see how this line played a big part in the big picture.

This one took a long while for it to be finished (kinda ironic).

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The Crucifixion of the Christ

At this point in our Christology, we have arrived at the point where wrath and grace became forever entwined.  The crucifixion of the Christ changed everything.

All 4 of the gospels report this event and yet each one has unique details.  When put together, the 4 combine to provide many details about what happened when Love laid down his life willingly.

Here are some things to note:

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