Babylonian Worldview

The Apostle Paul clearly warned believers when he wrote, “See to it that no one takes you through hollow and deceptive philosophy, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not  according to Christ” (Col. 2:8).  The word “philosophy” literally means “the love of wisdom.”  Wisdom is not a bad […]

This Is Santa’s Big Scene

It was an honest mistake.  When the singer forgot the line to the song, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but when the vocals came back strong, the irony floored me.  At this particular gathering, a group of musicians were entertaining a religious group gathered to celebrate Christmas.  They sang sacred and secular tunes. […]

Closed Curtain and Clear Conscience

If you haven’t heard, there’s a presidential election coming up.  In case you were wondering, not every American is thrilled concerning the slate of candidates.  Whether your beef is with deleted emails, recorded conversations, the first spouse options, Aleppo ignorance, Supreme court justices, Benghazi, the Apprentice, what they stand for, or what they stand against, we […]