Distinctly Chosen

You might have a million reasons to why God shouldn’t use you, but He is not frightened by your insecurities or inabilities. Jesus is calling you to follow Him simply because He wants you.

The Reason for Lingering Spiritual Immaturity

Are you exasperated by the lack of growth in your life? In the lives of others? Maybe it’s not a content issue. Maybe it’s that they need a shepherd. We all need someone watching out for our soul conditions.

Helpful Hungers

Our cravings often direct our lives. Whatever we want most of all, whatever we think about most often, and whatever creates in us the deepest hunger will be the central directive in our lives. Have you ever considered how deep your hunger is for spiritual matters?

How to Be Truly Happy

As Jesus began the most quoted sermon in history, he explained what the blessed or happy life looks like. Living according to the principles of the kingdom is a pivotal yet promising paradigm shift.

Jesus Isn’t Looking for a Crowd

Many people claim to follow Christ, but they are actually only associating with the crowd. Discipleship is different. Following Jesus means you forsake the conveniences of this fleeting world to obtain the joys of this Kingdom’s lifestyle.

The Mundane Among the Miraculous

Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a rut? It just feels like the same thing day after day. When you read the pages of Scripture, their stories may seem very different than yours. Or are they?

No One Is Ever “Ready” for Ministry

I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy like you. If I would have waited till I felt ready before I engaged in ministry, I would have never taken one single opportunity. What are you waiting for?

Jesus Teaches Me How to Live My Life

Jesus taught the importance of hearing and obeying God’s Word in a story he taught about two builders. The difference may seem subtle at first, but the outcome is dramatically polarizing from each other.