Wise Counsel: Should We Get Engaged?

Today, we started a new series at North Side called “Wise Counsel.”  Jeff’s description of this series: “As a pastoral counselor for the last 25 plus years, I have noticed that there are some things that just keep causing people problems.  Therefore, I am going to address some of these issues from a biblical perspective and provide some biblical counsel to some very common problems.  Call it group therapy if you want to, but it will also be biblical therapy.  While this series will only be for three weeks, I think it will prove helpful to a lot of folks and give some very specific counsel to some very common problems.”

Today’s topic: Sharing wise counsel from counseling experiences, our pastor shared the answer to a question he has never received: “Should we get engaged?” Marriage is a very serious step, and there are 5 questions each person should think about before going forward.  It was a wonderful message.  The married guys in my C-Group told me they still learned a ton even though they are already married.  You can watch or listen to the message here.

Today, we worshiped to:

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