Generational Curses

God’s Word exposes numerous issues for any family to address in order to walk in conformity with his standard and design. A misunderstanding of generational curses can discourage people from making noble attempts to turn a family’s legacy around.

Controlling Comparison

The 10th commandment warns against coveting. While this sin may be last on the list, it is one of the most prevalent in our hearts. In fact, our casual acceptance of it reveals that we don’t take it that seriously. Deep down, this is as serious of a sin as they come. It’s time to go the 2nd mile on controlling comparison.

Highlighting Honesty

You can tell our culture doesn’t see lying as that big of a sin when we always categorize our deceit as just “a little white lie.” Bearing false witness speaks clearly about our character and teaches others that we are untrustworthy. It’s not just about avoiding lies, but about being trusted to say the truth.

Redefining Robbery

The 8th commandment warns against stealing. Most of us think of theft as something that only criminals and children struggle doing. We almost feel impervious to such temptation. But are we? How frequent do we justify our subtle possession of things that do not belong to us?

Avoiding Adultery

A marriage cannot work with three people in it. Whether you have been guilty, considered it, or believe yourself to be immune to the temptation, it’s time to get real about avoiding adultery.

Addressing Anger

The 6th commandment warns against murder. While we all agree about the serious nature of this sin, not many see it as a real temptation. When Jesus came, he explained that the real danger was in the heart before it was in the hands. You might be more guilty than you realize.

Prizing Parents

Children who disobey their parents become students who disrespect teachers, employees who disagree with employers, citizens who disregard authorities, church members who discourage their pastors, adults who disvalue God.

Reclaiming Rhythms

Observing the Sabbath is a fight to admit one critical thought: I am not as important as I think I am.

Fading Flippancy

God’s name is not a free pass. It’s not a magic code. It’s not to be used as a trite prayer or a thoughtless lyric. We must stop being flippant with his name.