What’s Family Camp About?

At Family Camp, we want to help your family make a memory for a lifetime.

We know that it is very easy for a family to drift away from one another.  Special events and summertime trips are often reserved for parents paying for their children to go on trips with other people.  Oftentimes, many children and teens have their most pivotal, spiritual moments away from their parents.

We need to change that.

It’s time to bring the family back together.

At Family Camp, your family will be able to enjoy a week that is unlike any other week in your year.  Imagine a week that is part vacation, part marriage conference, part spiritual renewal, part youth camp, and part adventure and you get a taste of what Family Camp is all about.


This Video Excites Me for 2 Reasons

2014 Ridgecrest Fuge Camp Week Recap from Black Mountain Cinema on Vimeo.

This video excites me for 2 reasons:

  1. It captures the energy of MFuge and XFuge in a fantastic way (I can’t wait to serve with them again next summer).
  2. It gets me excited about getting footage like this at Family Camp at the end of the month.

7647269_300x300I have never seen a camp recap video of this caliber.  It is plain ridiculous!

The genius behind the video is Harrison Hughes who will be over our videos and photos at Family Camp.

He will be making video recaps and also taking pictures for us to archive the camp.

He is also going to take individual family photos while we are there for keepsakes for the families.

I haven’t met him personally, but I am super impressed by his skill.  Can’t wait to work with him!

Bring the Family Back Together

I’ve been haunted by a question lately: do most people’s most pivotal spiritual experiences happen with their family or without their family?

The more and more I talk with people, the same answer I continue to get.  Most people’s most pivotal spiritual experiences happen when they are not with their family.  It happens at youth camp or youth group.  It happens off at college with a group of peers.  It happens in a one-on-one conversation with someone outside the family.

While I praise God for all of those programs and people, I also find that a disconnect from the family serves to have long-term negative effects.  When youth group becomes your place for spiritual growth, those people have a hard time growing when they aren’t in the youth group anymore.  That student moves to college, that student pastor has new students to watch over, and unfortunately, that person no longer has a spiritual mentor in his or her life.

But, they should.  Dad and Mom should be the primary evangelist and disciple-maker in that child’s life.

Most people’s most pivotal spiritual experiences happen without their family.

And we need to change that.

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