Three Reminders for the Next Generation

Parents want the best for their children.  Would you be willing to give the best to your children even if it included getting intentional and personal?

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When Your Family Hinders Your Discipleship

As Jesus’ influence increased, His family attempted to hinder His ministry.  Jesus taught that sometimes doing the will of God will incur the opposition of your physical family and secure the support of your spiritual family.

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Discipleship Strategy for Your Family

Within the family contains one of the greatest opportunities for discipleship and one of the greatest challenges for consistency. Your family members provide you the greatest opportunity to encourage and to discourage spiritual growth.

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God’s Plan for Your Family

God’s plan for your family is not complex.  We make it that way, but it is truly simple.  This is the plan:

God wants to reconcile the world to Himself through Christ-following parents who disciple their own children to multiply gospel transformation to all people.     

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3 Vital Concepts Regarding Marriage and Money

One of the greatest sources of conflict in marriage is finances.  

Money isn’t the root of evil.  The love of money is the root of evil (1 Tim. 6:10).  Money alters the way people think and act.  People think, say, and do unexpected things when it comes to the increasing accumulation of wealth. 

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When Jesus Saved My Son [Twice Actually]

Jesus saved my son.

On Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018, Eli received the gospel of Jesus Christ and my son became my brother.

We waited to announce it publicly until now because Eli wanted to tell some people face to face.  He has always preferred quiet moments in which to share things.  I have loved watching him tell the story to others.  He desires to be baptized (to celebrate his rebirth-day) on his actual birthday and we are so excited.

In reality, Jesus saved my son twice.

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