Take Your Kids With You

I’m not the best father.  I’ve got plenty of issues I am working out.  God is still shaping me to father like he fathers.

But I have been learning a pretty solid secret of fathering as of late.

Ready for it?

When you go somewhere, take your kids with you.

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How the Agnew 5 Are Really Doing

So, we are now a family of 5.  The new normalcy is settling in.  I’ve posted some precious photos and shared some cute sayings from the boys, but I’ve been asked a lot lately: ‘So, how are you guys really doing?”

Let’s see: we have a newborn over a month old, an almost-4-year-old, and a recently turned 4-year-old.  My wife has the enormous responsibility of managing 3 wild monkeys everyday.  I have a pretty involved job and the responsibility to have energy and drive once I get home to help out.

So, how are we really doing?

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