Fasting Isn’t a Spiritual Diet

One of the most neglected spiritual disciplines is fasting.  The Scripture is full of instructions and examples of fasting and yet the practice is often absent in the Church.

Too often, people think of fasting as a spiritual diet.  Desiring to lose a few pounds, someone will skip a meal and say they are fasting.  If you aren’t spending the time seeking the Lord, that’s not fasting – that’s a diet.  Fasting is so much more than abstaining from a meal for your figure’s sake.

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Jesus Doesn’t Fit Into Your Box

The religious leaders of the day became increasingly frustrated because Jesus didn’t minister in the way they deemed appropriate. We must stop trying to fit Jesus into our religious boxes and realize that He came to do something new.

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Fasting and Discipleship

Fasting is an important and yet overlooked spiritual discipline.  While most disciplines encourage people to do something, fasting encourages people to do without something.

Fasting is the voluntary denial of physical food for spiritual purposes. 

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