Coupled Companions

Your marriage needs healthy support around it in the form of consistent, Christlike friendships. If you want your marriage to strive, ensure that you have people around you who desire the same thing.

How Old Was the Earth on Day One?

Within broad groupings, the scientific community dates the Earth’s age as older than what biblical genealogies and sorts point to regarding as a timeline. Can these two coexist? Can we know the age of the Earth?

Human Nature

Mankind’s distinct nature derives from being made in the image of God. As image-bearers, men and women are called to be like God.


The doctrine of creation is a critical issue for theology because it sets up the foundation for all other doctrines within the Christian worldview. In the Scriptures, we discover a transcendent God who has sovereignly created all things.

The Patriarchs

As God works through a family to usher in redemption to the world, the opening pages of the Bible portray a grouping of fragile people prone to multiple failures. Despite their missteps, God proves His unwavering faithfulness time and time again.

The Beginning

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. With that opening line, the Bible begins and God’s grand narrative for redemption never looks back. Beyond those opening lines, do you know what God is trying to communicate?

Reprioritizing Relationships

Once you are married, you must reprioritize every relationship in your life to be subordinate to the unique and exclusive relationship with your spouse. This shift doesn’t mean that you end all other relationships, but you must reprioritize them.