The Gospel

As the first church movement multiplied greatly and quickly, certain letters were sent to be distributed among these new believers. Within them, doctrine and practice were clarified to ensure that growth did not allow for dilution.

Jesus Died So We Can Live

Jesus absorbed the wrath of God so that we need not fear its consequences for our lives. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we can truly come to life.

Take and Eat

On the night before Jesus died, He gathered His disciples to prepare them for His sacrifice. While the first temptation was an opportunity to take and eat what was forbidden, Jesus set another table so that we could be forgiven.

The Man on the Middle Cross

Do you think you’re too bad for Jesus to save you? The thief on the cross never had time to make his sin right and Jesus freely promised him a place in Heaven.

The Greatest Gift Given

Out of all the gifts given to us, none can rival Jesus Christ Himself. Through a relationship with Jesus, we find the life for which we have all been longing.

How to Know for Sure You Are Saved

Assurance of salvation can often be an elusive thing to obtain. God’s Word provides specific characteristics of those who have been truly born again.

Stepping Out of Darkness

To deny sin’s presence in our lives only increases our level of guilt. The only way to walk in the light is by stepping out of the darkness in honest confession for true forgiveness.

If You Need Some Good News

The gospel is the good news of the saving work of Jesus Christ. If you’ve ever wondered what that really means, I hope this summary can help you.

Spiritual Resurrection

Salvation is more than mental affirmation — it is a life transformation. It is as significant as a dead person rising from the grave. Because that is what happened spiritually.

The Make-Believer

Plenty of people know religious lingo and practice helpful service, but not all have an actual relationship with Jesus. Make sure that your faith isn’t make-believe.