Remodeling (The People in) Your Home

Since we moved a few months ago, I’ve been working at remodeling our home.  I’ve had some pretty fantastic help.  While Eli obeys orders well, he also watches an example and learns quickly.  There have been many times he has taken his toy screw driver and hammer and pulled up flooring or shoe molding that was not intended to come up.  It’s hard to get frustrated with such a cute kid (that’s not to say I never did ;)).

If you were remodeling a house, the best bet would be to have a systematic approach to your work. You would determine which room needed the most desperate attention. You would organize the needed tools to find the job. You would seek help for the jobs that you felt unqualified for.

You may not be remodeling a house, but you are called to disciple your children which is actually more work and requires more dedication than any other house project you could imagine. Have you ever thought about what your goal is in your home.  Get honest about your approach. I put together a list below that could serve as a template for your approach.  Copy and paste the section below and then fill it in for each child in your home.  Fill in the sections below honestly and prayerfully.

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