Dismissing Jesus

When Jesus delivered a man from demonic possession, the people had less acceptance of the deliverer than they had for the demoniac. When Jesus threatens our comfort and convenience, we can seek to rid ourselves of His presence as well.

The Most Important Family to Pastor in Your Church

With the numerous needs among the families in your church, the family that often gets neglected is your own. Whether family discipleship is a new concept or an overlooked activity for you, create a renewed plan to lead, encourage, and disciple your spouse and children in your home.

For Such a Time as This

While God invites us into what He is doing in this world, He is not dependent upon us to make it happen. If we want to be a part of what He is working in His kingdom, we must maintain the proper perspective.

Political Pressure & the Consistent Christian

When a prophet was provoked by political pressure and a popular position, he resolved to stay faithful to God above anything else. In our lives, we must beware of adapting our beliefs to align with the culture.

Praying the Psalms

Matthew 26:30; 27:45-46 Psalm 24 Preached at Berea First Baptist Prayer Conference At pivotal times, Jesus utilized Scripture that He …


Ask Whatever You Wish

John 15:1-7 Preached at Berea First Baptist Prayer Conference Prayer Conference 2020 – Morning Service – Dr Travis Agnew from …