The Consecration of the Christ

This week in Bible study, we focused on the consecration of the Christ.  This stage shows off Jesus’ immensity.  This period, spans age 2 to age 30.  This time period covers the largest section of Christ’s life with the least amount of information, but it mainly focuses upon Christ growing and John the Baptist pointing towards him.

Info to remember from this Christology section:

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He MUST Increase

What a great morning at North Side!  Walking through the Gospel of John, Jeff decided to take an extra stop a long the way to talk about the joy that John the Baptist had in decreasing.  While I hadn’t planned the service around that passage, it was wonderful watching the Holy Spirit unite elements to make a powerful service.

We were blessed to have some missionaries from North Africa talk with us about how to truly partner with missionaries on the field.  Awesome insights and wonderful to pray with them.

Today, we worshiped to:

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Prepare the Way for the Lord

I was so thankful that my buddy, JW, got to lead us in worship today at North Side!  We did a highlight for our Sonshine ministry at North Side, and Greg Thompson and JW helped us be mindful of how God is using all of North Side.  After the video, they both shared, JW prayed and then led in worship to “I’ll Fly Away.”  Awesome time!

Today, we worshiped to:

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