Harvestfest 2016

We had a great time at Harvestfest this year!  I had the wonderful privilege of putting the team together to lead worship.  The band was composed from 3 different churches.  Our worship team and tech team did a wonderful job leading the thousands gathered.  David Sons brought a great message and we had some wonderful […]

Harvestfest 2014

Such a wonderful time at Harvestfest 2014!  I was honored to be able to work with a team to lead worship there again this year.  I love this event because many churches work together and it’s all one big family! Jay Hardwick and the worship team did a fantastic job.  Cole’s monologue was on point. […]

Looking Out for #1

Passionate, honest day about being the church at North Side.  2nd week into our “5 Things That Will Kill This Church” series and we stated the 2nd thing that could kill this church: “Looking Out for #1.”  When selfishness infests a church, it is a dangerous place to tread. Today, we worshiped to: Kingdom Come […]

Harvestfest 08

My family and I had a great time at the Harvestfest this Saturday night.  I heard there was something like 3500 people there.  Todd Agnew was great.  David Little and his crew did a fantastic job putting it all on.  Dave Wright and his crew did a marvelous job taking care the A to the […]