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Harvestfest 2016

We had a great time at Harvestfest this year!  I had the wonderful privilege of putting the team together to lead worship.  The band was composed from 3 different churches.  Our worship team and tech team did a wonderful job leading the thousands gathered.  David Sons brought a great message and we had some wonderful food.  The night was capped off with a great fireworks show as well.

Song List

  • Open Up the Heavens – Meredith Andrews
  • Nothing But the Blood – Citizens
  • This Is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham
  • No Longer Slaves – I Am They
  • In Christ Alone – Passion
  • Christ Is Risen – Matt Maher
  • Jesus Paid It All – North Side Worship
  • How Deep the Father’s Love for Us – Liberty Campus Band
  • When I Survey the Wondrous Cross – North Side Worship

Index Journal Writeup

See full article here.

The Lakelands Baptist Association, in partnership with about 25 other churches, celebrated the 10th Annual Connie Maxwell Harvest Festival on Saturday.

The event, which included music from the North Side Baptist Church band, fireworks, preaching from David Sons, and food prepared and served by the participating churches, drew between 3,000 and 4,000 people, according to David Little, the association’s missionary for the Lakelands Baptist Association.

“It’s a community outreach event to share the gospel of Jesus Christ,” Little said. “Everybody comes out, and they have a great time and we have a worship event.”

A diverse group of denominations are represented by the churches that participate in the event, which Little said is important.

“This event is sponsored by the Lakelands Baptist Association but it is open. We have people from all faith backgrounds, from different counties. It is open to anybody,” Little said. “We want people from different denominations. We want people who don’t go to church anywhere.”

“This is an outreach event. We want them to hear the gospel, and hopefully and prayerfully they’ll make a decision to follow Christ, but there are no limitations on who can come. It is designed to attract anybody from our area to come and participate,” he said.

The fireworks display at the event was put on to celebrate the festival’s 10th anniversary. The festival’s official anniversary would have been last year, but the event was canceled because of flooding in the area.

Harvestfest 2014

Such a wonderful time at Harvestfest 2014!  I was honored to be able to work with a team to lead worship there again this year.  I love this event because many churches work together and it’s all one big family!

Jay Hardwick and the worship team did a fantastic job.  Cole’s monologue was on point.  The extra musicians and groups were great!

Those that cooked, served, cleaned, and so many other wonderful tasks that weren’t on a stage were the real heroes!  They welcomed and served thousands of people to the event.

It was great to watch people come down front at the invitation to receive Christ!  It makes it all worthwhile!

Pray the excitement and energy tonight with the big “C” Church will be experienced all over this week as the little “c” churches do life together!

Harvestfest 2014. Great night. Love watching Jesus transform people! Honored to lead worship tonight with such a solid and gifted team! #Harvestfest2014

Worship Music


Looking Out for #1

Passionate, honest day about being the church at North Side.  2nd week into our “5 Things That Will Kill This Church” series and we stated the 2nd thing that could kill this church: “Looking Out for #1.”  When selfishness infests a church, it is a dangerous place to tread.

Today, we worshiped to:

Some of my favorite things about today:

  • Eagerness to Worship – Each week, I just see a deeper desire to focus on Jesus from moment one.  I love it.  You people sing out so much.  I love to hear it, and I can’t imagine what God thinks about it!
  • David Little Testimony – Before taking the offering, it was great to hear of one of our missionaries who we support as he leads churches to reach this community and people all over the world.  Love me some David Little and his team as they impact this area.
  • Pastor Prayer Time – We gave every person a church and pastor to pray for during the service (list of 12, each got their prayer request by what is their birthday month).  So great to be a part of the larger body of Christ and lift up our family in prayer.
  • Jeff’s Message – He preaches on anything great, but when he talks about the church something extra happens.  I can’t describe it – you just got to listen to it.
  • Invitation Time – It was great watching people come to the altar and pray for their role in this church.  I wrote the song, “Unite Us Together,” a few weeks ago because we needed a worship song that we could sing together committing ourselves to God and each other.  It was so great to hear our congregation sing beside each other, “O God, unite us together; Your church living as one; giving ourselves to one another; and this world will know us by our love.”

Can’t wait for the following 3 weeks.  Today, tonight, don’t go to church – BE THE CHURCH!

Harvestfest 08

My family and I had a great time at the Harvestfest this Saturday night.  I heard there was something like 3500 people there.  Todd Agnew was great.  David Little and his crew did a fantastic job putting it all on.  Dave Wright and his crew did a marvelous job taking care the A to the V to the L.  Wonderful time.  It’s great when the body gets together to do something together and territorial spirits are put to the side.  Here’s some pictures:

David Little catching a couple of moments before the hysteria began.

David Little catching a couple of moments before the hysteria began.

Amanda and Obadiah enjoying some Todd Agnew

Amanda and Obadiah enjoying some Todd Agnew

The best snack at Harvestfest: Moms hand

The best snack at Harvestfest: Mom's hand