The Danger of Ministry Overcompensation

It was a challenging season of life.  I was a full-time husband, new father, full-time pastor, part-time religion instructor, and doctoral student.  Needless to say, I wasn’t sleeping a lot back then.  On a certain trek coming back from Southern Seminary, I began to drift asleep at the wheel.  After about 6 days of classes and 6 hours on the road, exhaustion hit me and catastrophe wasn’t too far behind.

Gratefully, as I began to drift off the interstate, I was alerted by the tracked grooves in the road, and I was startled back to reality.  While I was grateful for the wakeup call, the sudden fright almost created a more dangerous scenario: I overcompensated.

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The Free Pass of Past Leadership

A recurring dilemma these days is what to do when your hero stops acting like one.  How should you respond when that person up close or far off who has obtained a legendary status due to previous accomplishments starts to operate in an unexpected way?  The words they choose and the actions they take are uncharacteristic of their reputation and unacceptable for their cause.

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