These Secondary Issues Are Hindering Your Primary Purpose

There are primary purposes in ministry which should be prioritized, but if the secondary issues are unaddressed, they will eventually cause you to neglect the most important ones. Make sure you address secondary issues so you can fulfill your primary purpose.

Church Leaders Require Patience

If you are called to lead a church, you must learn how to lead with patience. A refusal to give people time to process change might reveal more about your immaturity than theirs.

Don’t Be a Slacker in Ministry

You might be able to fool some in your ministry into believing that you are working hard, but God knows your real efforts. Don’t be a slacker in ministry, but give God and others your very best.

Reestablishing Your Plan

It’s that glorious time of year as you are considering making new year resolutions that will most likely not last the week. Instead of making promises, what about making a plan?

How to Disagree on Theology

Have you ever heard about the deep disagreements and astounding admiration shared between George Whitefield and John Wesley? These two saw things differently but maintained a deep commitment to the bond in Christ.

Standing Room Only in the SBC

At the Southern Baptist Convention 2021 Annual Meeting, some things were better than imagined, and some realities were worse than expected. When there’s standing room only in the SBC, I pray for a day when it’s about the most important, unifying issues.

Approachable Attitudes

Those who lead in the church should always strive to portray approachable attitudes as they serve the people walking through the door. People need help, and it would help if they believed you actually want to help them.