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The “Share It” sermon was the final day’s theme for Fuge 2016 “Unashamed” series. I preached from Luke 9:57-62 regarding the …


The Stewardship of the Church

As we continue through our “Church Matters” series, we come to week 8 – “The Stewardship of the Church.”  As far as the planning of the service goes, we focused on finding our satisfaction in God and not in our stuff.  The worship time was intended to lead people to realize that all of our contentment can be found in our relationship with God.

Jeff’s message was so legit.  I loved how he started it sharing how oftentimes money sermons go in a church and how he promised not to do that.  He said something to the tune of “I can preach on tithing here at this church or anywhere and the offering will go up for about 2 months and then go back to the regular amount…I’m just gonna be honest with you.  I refuse to preach the Word of God so that we will get more money.  My job as one of the pastors of this flock is not to get more money out of you but my job is to help you become greater worshipers of the Almighty.”  It was the best sermon I have ever heard on what stewardship truly is.

Today, we worshiped to:


“It Is Written” – Storytellers

There was an ironic joke that was shared concerning the song “It Is Written” from our “Knowing Jesus” project.  With all the songs complete and recorded, there was only song that had not yet been written.  It’s name?  “It Is Written.”

To say that this song barely made it on there is an understatement.

We wanted a song to focus on Jesus’ sinless perfection.  We wanted to tell the story of how Jesus stayed faithful during the temptation of Satan.  It needed to be a little eerie, but a lot triumphant.

And we could just not land on the song.