Are You Paying Attention to Your Children?

It’s impossible to teach your children anything if you don’t first have their attention. With children though, oftentimes, you can’t have their attention until they are sure they have yours.

Think through the last week, the last month, or even the last year. When was the longest time recently that your children had your full attention? Think about what that time was:

When: ____________

Where: ____________

What did you do: ____________

What did you talk about: ____________

It is very interesting that the actual last verse of the Old Testament speaks to fathers giving their children attention.

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Major in the Minors: Malachi

What a wonderful day of worship!  We finished Major in the Minors today with the study of Malachi.  So good!

The worshipers were ready today!  I was overwhelmed with the volume and the passion of our worshipers today.  We had a scaled down acoustic set, but it was way heavy on the worshiper side.

Today, we worshiped to:

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