Primary and Secondary Marriage Issues

We had a fantastic time at the Marriage Getaway this weekend!  Couples from North Side met up at Ridgecrest for some intentional time working on their marriages – never time wasted!

We had a blast getting to know some new couples.  Made some new friends.  We walked through Genesis 1-3 and how that addresses our marriages.  It was Marriage by the Book.  Some of my favorite content we have ever taught on marriage.  We walked through the Scripture and did a session on The Image of God, Suitable Helper, Leave and Cleave, Naked and Unashamed, Breakout Sessions, and Truth & Consequences.

At Friday night, I finished up a session on being a suitable helper to your mate and what that really looks like.  I showed a video that is one of the most powerful examples of sacrificial love I have ever seen.  It is 9 minutes long, but it is worth every second.

This video helped teach the truth that in marriage, there are primary issues and secondary issues.  If you can differentiate between the two, it makes marriage so simple.  Take the time to watch this for anyone who is married or wants to see a biblical picture of marriage:

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Who is Jesus to You?

It was a powerful time together as the church this morning!  We started off our services with a rousing reading of Phil. 2:1-11 and went straight into the worship set focusing on the words: “every knee will bow and every tongue confess.”  We used a 5-piece acoustic group this Sunday which was a fun, percussive setup.

Today, we worshiped to:

We also promoted the Marriage Getaway through a fun means.  Here is the video we shared:

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