Distinctly Chosen

You might have a million reasons to why God shouldn’t use you, but He is not frightened by your insecurities or inabilities. Jesus is calling you to follow Him simply because He wants you.

Offering a Hand Up, Not Just a Hand Out

Learn from Miracle Hill’s President and Rocky Creek member, Ryan Duerk, as he describes their ministry and teaches on a nontoxic approach to helping the least and the lost. You can offer a hand up, not just a hand out.

Selling Sermons & Neglecting Nearness

When a pastor asks to buy sermon outlines from another, what does it reveal? Is it because he has nothing to say for God because he has heard nothing from God? Don’t be busy for God without actually knowing God.

The New Offices Are Open

We renovated a hallway of classrooms to accommodate our growing staff into a new office complex that allows accessibility and flexibility.

2021 Sermon Series

As I prayerfully considered where we are spiritually as a church, I felt the need to address certain issues with biblical truth. I am so excited to have God’s Word intersect our lives in these specific ways as we go forward.


Amid an uncertain 2020, God did incredible things through our church. We are expectant of what he will do in 2021.