VBS 2022

We are having a great week sharing Christ with some incredible children. Here are some updates and recaps as they come this week.

Fulfill a Passion vs. Fill a Position

Within the many volunteer needs a church has, it is easy to fill a generic position, but it is better to fulfill a specific passion. Our churches need people serving in areas for which God has equipped them.

These Secondary Issues Are Hindering Your Primary Purpose

There are primary purposes in ministry which should be prioritized, but if the secondary issues are unaddressed, they will eventually cause you to neglect the most important ones. Make sure you address secondary issues so you can fulfill your primary purpose.

Don’t Be a Slacker in Ministry

You might be able to fool some in your ministry into believing that you are working hard, but God knows your real efforts. Don’t be a slacker in ministry, but give God and others your very best.

Impatient and Unrealistic Preaching

If I’m honest, I have an impatient attitude and unrealistic expectations for how people should respond to my preaching efforts. God has been extremely patient with me; I might better portray a patience with others as well.

Announcing the Entrust Institute

The Entrust Institute is a unique learning experience partnering with a local church to achieve both seminary training and practical ministry experience. We are committed to the ministry of training those committed to the ministry.

Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month

Some churches go all out, and some churches aren’t even aware that October is Pastor Appreciation Month. While there are many ways you can bless your pastor, this idea will serve him more than any other.