Kingdom Kindness

Within the Church, we have made doctrine and kindness enemies to each other. To the disservice of all, we cause complementary elements to seem confrontational.

Finding Your Voice

Be an original in a world full of imitations. You don’t need to be anyone else other than who God made you to be.

Waypoint Recap – August 2021

We had an incredible Waypoint to celebrate all that the Spirit is doing in the lives of our church members! These are incredible days — let’s not take them for granted!

2022 Sermon Planning Resource

Would you like a guide to help you prepare long-term sermon planning for next year? Here is a free resource to help you plan where God is leading you to lead your congregation.

Multiplication Mindset

A church that is built on the strength of a few personalities or skills will crumble once those isolated components are gone. To fulfill the Great Commission, a church must prioritize a multiplication mindset.

Family Formative

Once you realize that the most critical spiritual environment is the one in which we live, you will want to do everything within your power to equip the family to be who God has called them to be. How can your church be family formative?

Ministry Is Both Ability and Availability

We often pit ministry ability and availability as competing goals, but, in reality, they are complimentary parts of the whole. To impact people significantly, we cannot neglect either the public or the personal side of ministry.

The Crazy Uncle in the SBC

For all the good that the Southern Baptist Convention does, there are those members out there embarrassing the rest of the family. After our victory for biblical inerrancy, I pray we do not lose the battle for ministry integrity.

When Pastors Fail to Lead a Staff

Pastors are often so busy that they fail to address one critical area – charting the course for the rest of the ministry team. When pastors fail to lead a staff, the staff often fails to lead the church.