Salt and Light

The Word Salt and Light (Matt. 5:13-16) As Jesus began his public ministry, he gathered disciples in order to teach them how to live for the Kingdom. As he once encouraged them to be salt and light, we are called to the same lifestyles as his followers.   CONTEXT Since we could not make it […]

Pray, Give, and Go

We had the wonderful privilege to hear from a couple of missionaries tonight.  One is on a stateside furlough and another is preparing to launch out.  It is so important for them and for us to stay connected to what the Lord is doing overseas! While not every person is called to live on mission […]

On the Clock

On the Clock (Titus 2:9-10) – While we are on the clock vocationally, we are also on the clock missionally.  Even if your job isn’t in the ministry, you are in the ministry. The concept of slavery in biblical times is extremely different from slavery in modern times. Old Testament teaching regarding the positive treatment of slaves was countercultural at the time. […]

Here I Am – Send Me

“Near, far.  Near, far.” One can easily picture Grover from Sesame Street running back and forth in front of the camera.  The closer he gets to the camera, the bigger he gets.  The more steps he backs up, the smaller he becomes. Or does he?  Obviously, Grover’s size isn’t changing, but our perception of him […]

Step Up

I think family ministry is a big thing.  Investing in your home is critically important for their discipleship and for the sake of the Great Commission. I would be remiss though if I did not make an appeal for men and women to step into the lives of some children who are less fortunate. As Paul […]