The Mission [Fuge 2018 North Greenville]

I had the privilege to serve as the camp pastor at the Fuge Combo Camp at North Greenville University on June 25-30, 2018.  Here is the outline of the sermons I preached.  Pray these notes drive you to reflect on the truths of God’s Word as it propels us to His mission!

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Knowing Jesus Recap (And What’s Next)

I know I am two weeks behind to give you a “Knowing Jesus” recap, but things have been a tad busy as of late.  In short, the event exceeded my expectations which were very large.  After all the prayer, study, work, and preparation into this event and resource, I set the bar high in my mind.  I never imagined what would happen that night.

I thought the entire roof was about to blow off the building.  When God’s people responded to the revelation of Jesus Christ, it was beyond intense.  As the storyline unfolded as we told the life and ministry of Christ through song, genuine, passionate worship erupted among us.

I had many comments (some of them were very sup rising), and here are the most repeated ones:

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North Greenville Crusade Recap

We had a busy yet wonderful time at North Greenville University this week.  I got the extreme privilege to serve as the preacher for the North Greenville Crusade.  This partnership with the school and the local Baptist Association is an attempt to unite the church together and bring the Word!

The picture above is from Saturday night at the festival they had at the football stadium.  To invite people to the Crusade, they had free food, inflatables, and music throughout the night.  You can see my two sons really enjoyed their snow cones.  No matter how I tried to show them to stay clean, it was obvious they enjoyed it and you could even tell what color each of them had hours later that night.  The evidence was undeniable!

And that was my prayer for the week.  I wanted Jesus proclaimed so that there would be no denying that He had been in our midst!  I wanted the campus atmosphere to be different.  I wanted people to walk around and their faces portraying that they had “tasted and seen that the Lord is good” (Ps. 34:8).

Here’s what I preached:

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