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What’s Your “Offering” Feedback?


North Side Worship’s Christmas worship album, “Offering” has been released for almost two weeks, and I have been extremely humbled by the encouraging words we have received.  We are pretty excited about the fact you think it sounds great.

We are even more excited about how many of you have been giving the CDs out and sharing the love of Jesus this Christmas.  We are excited to hear stories about what it meant to the people receiving them!

So, we need your help!  Let’s share the love.  Comment below and leave either:

  1. Encouragement – Thank our wonderful worship team for the great work
  2. Reflection – Tell a story about one of the songs that impacted you
  3. Testimony – Share how you have been sharing the love this Christmas with “Offering”

And if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you can get one at the front desk of the church, the book store, or iTunes.  Please share away!

A Pastor’s Wish List: A Debt-Free Church


We started a new sermon series today entitled “A Pastor’s Wish List.”

Finances are an important part of life and they are given to achieve the same purpose as all other resources: to bring glory to God. If we obey God’s teaching in the area of finances, His church will be able to accomplish more in ministry and we will have a deeper and closer relationship with Him.

As part of Jeff’s wish list, he wants our church to understand the beauty of stewardship.  We must be careful not to spend God’s money on our stuff rather than advancing His Kingdom.  I knew he was going to do this message for a while, and I was already prepared for the sigh when the topic was revealed, but I was amazed at what Jeff did with this message.  If our church is in debt, then our people in debt.  We have overextended, and we must regain financial peace.  It was incredible.

4 more items on the wish list (3 more Sundays, and one Christmas Eve), and it is going to be an amazing month.  I wish next Sunday was here already!

Today, we worshiped to:

  • Joy to the World – North Side Worship
  • O Come All Ye Faithful – North Side Worship
  • What, Then, is Christmas? – North Side Worship (Woody Nivens)
  • Christmas Offering – North Side Worship (Paul Baloche)
  • O Come Let Us Adore Him – North Side Worship

All of these songs done today are on the “Offering” Christmas worship CD.  It is available in the bookstore today.  It will be on Amazon and iTunes in the weeks to come.  Hope you enjoy!

“Offering” CD Listening Party




Last night, I had our band and spouses over for some fellowship time and the group’s first opportunity to listen to the “Offering” Christmas Worship CD all the way through.  We were missing a few last night, but most everyone involved in the project could come.

I just loved watching their faces as they listened to it.  Most individuals had heard an average of 2-3 songs on the project but that was before they had been mixed and produced.  So to hear how each track came out and couple that with the whole project, I think it’s an understatement to say they were pleased.

While everyone was cheering for each other’s musicality while we listened, this group blew me away in another way.  During the listen, I would catch many of them worshiping to it.  They just sorta got lost in the moment and the CD was leading them to worship Jesus.  That was our prayer!

When the 52 and 1/2 minutes of music was over, everyone cheered and encouraged each other in just a special time of community building.  I loved watching this team love on each other.  We ended the evening by a long time of prayer.

We prayed for you.  We prayed that when people receive this project, they will receive more than the “Christmas spirit.”  We hope this does more than make you want hot chocolate and sit under Christmas lights.  We prayed that in your car, in your home, at the job, on the treadmill, wherever you listen to this, you will be caught up in worship.  As the story on the CD unfolds, we pray you get overwhelmed again that Jesus loved us so much he came for us.  As it reaches it’s climax, we pray that the only thing left to do is worship.

During that prayer time, I was reminded of how humbled I am to be able to serve alongside people of this caliber.  I would put their musicality up against anybody, but their hearts are what I am most amazed by.  We have no divas in this group.  We have no bickering.  We have a team that love to lead people to the throne.

And today, I am grateful.  See you Sunday.

“Offering” Released This Sunday

North Side Worship Offering Booklet Front Cover

A long-awaited package is in the mail and that means North Side Worship’s newest album will be released this Sunday at North Side.  The cover is above which was designed by the ever-so-talented, Cory Wilson.  Polly Brown was so gracious to let us use her hand for the cover – thanks!

This Christmas worship album was produced by the grand-master funk, Anthony Gravley.  Our worship team and some special guests worked really hard to finish it up.

You can look at the track listing here.  People who have heard sneak peeks have been so kind and generous with their encouragement.  I think this project can get you in the Christmas spirit but also call you to worship which was our prayer.  What’s funny is Anthony and I are the only ones that have really heard the project straight through.  Our band heard songs that they played or sang on, but most did not hear the complete product.  Friday night, we are having a listening party, in which our band will hear the whole thing from start to finish.

And then Sunday, you can get your copy (I mean copies)!  We are going to sell them at 1 for $10 and every CD after that, $5.  So, we think you need to get one for basically everyone you are buying for this Christmas.  Buy as stocking stuffers, office party gifts, or just attach it to a card that you give every single person you know.  Our band doesn’t get paid for this project, it goes to ministry stuff, so I can say with overwhelmingly enthusiasm – buy, and buy a bunch!

I wanted to provide a sneak listen to the CD, so I compiled a medley of 10 seconds of each song strung together.  Hopefully, you like what you hear and you can help us share the true meaning of Christmas with many people this December!

Offering 10 Second Tracks