The Love of Christ


Powerful day of worship.  It was great to begin celebrating Passion Week as a church family.  Jeff’s message was so true.  1 John 4 paints a picture of the love of Christ that is simply breathtaking.  He wanted to save us.  He loves us.  Christ loves people like me!

Today, we worshiped to:

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I Am the Door

Well, I planned today’s service with the good possibility of me not being there due to the baby’s arrival.  While our band never needs me there, they really didn’t need me there today, so it was good just to come in and sing and play along with them.

They are so good, I’m honored they let me play and sing with them!  And that is the truth.

Wonderful day with North Side today!  Continuing on through John, we arrived at John 10 today focusing upon Jesus’ statement: “I am the door.”  I have really loved this “Knowing Jesus” study.

Speaking of doors, Ms. Rosalie Cromer is normally seen opening doors on Sunday mornings for our worshipers, but today she was opening another kind of door.  I asked her to read one of her poems that she has written during our worship today.  Her poem, “The Greatest Desire of My Heart,” went perfectly into John’s song, “May Your Life Be.”  It was almost as if the 2 of them wrote those pieces together!

She read from her book of poems entitled “If.”  We have copies in the bookstore or you can get them online here.

Today, we worshiped to:

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