Peace Kept


If you have ever wondered who is the media mastermind behind our services, look no further.  My son, Eli, is the technological guru behind all things AVL during our services.  Well, he at least likes to act like he is.  Honestly, he’s so smart and skilled in these areas, it won’t be long.

I always love the Sundays before Christmas.  Today was a little different.  The worship was great.  Message was powerful.  Great services full of eager worshipers, but so much stuff happening before, during, and after services that it is hard to process.  Watching families work on reconciliation in our midst.  Unemployed fathers trying to find assistance to provide for their family this year.  Single moms trying to find hope.  Families unable to attend worship because they are beside hospital beds.  And so much more.  It’s the Body of  Christ.  It’s church.  It’s not usually glamorous, but it’s real life, and I’m honored I get to alongside these people as Christ draws them closer.

Today, we worshiped to:

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