Pray Through Psalm 20

Praying through the psalms is a process that keeps your prayer life fresh and your prayer requests specific.  Using God’s Word, you can articulate your prayers keeping in line with God’s will.  As you read, you take a phrase and flesh out ways to pray that scriptural truth.

The method I use to pray through a daily psalm is to take the calendar day of the month to pray that psalm or an increment of 30 (e.g., May 20 – Psalm 20, 50, 80, 110, 140; on months with 31 days, I go back to the long Psalm 119).  I take a section of 30 each month and then keep moving forward.  Within 5 months, I have prayed through every psalm.

Here’s an example of how you can use Psalm 20 to pray for you and your church.

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