Act Like Men

I have the job of raising my boys to become men.  They are supposed to think like and act like men when I am done with them.  The only problem is – many “men” don’t know what that means!

1 Corinthians 13 is often called “The Love Chapter.”  It’s a great reminder for us all, but it especially reminds us as men that we are called to love our families. Each man is expected by God to be patient, kind, and humble.  Paul takes it even further.

Take a moment to read this verse 1 Corinthians 16:13-14:


Book of the Week: Raising a Modern-Day Knight

Knight-boyI finished reading Robert Lewis’ Raising a Modern-Day Knight this week.  Lewis is the author of the Men’s Fraternity curriculum that has really impacted the men in our church.  I highly recommend this book to anyone raising boys!

Lewis teaches that most people have a poor definition of manhood in our society.  As fathers, our responsibility is not only to teach our boys what it means to be men, but to actually affirm that and call out the man in our sons.  He uses a lot of symbolism from medieval knighthood practices.  You may or may not copy his ideas, but what I walked away with most of all is that boys don’t become men by accident.  And they also remember what we celebrate and invest in.

He incorporates family crests, weekend ceremonies, and a whole lot of creativity.  He has some great theological and biblical teaching on manhood.  Coupling these two together makes a quick and idea-spurring read.

Top 5 ideas:

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