Habakkuk [Series Overview]

The prophet Habakkuk struggled with God’s plan in the world because it didn’t meet his expectations. If you have struggled with what God has done or allowed others to do, it is time to learn how to trust God again.

Sermon on the Mount

Matthew 5-7 archives the greatest sermon in the history of the world. As Jesus gathered His growing followers together, He taught a simple yet thorough overview of how Kingdom citizens should live. Christianity is more than a mere association of rules, but it is a complete dedication to a countercultural lifestyle.


God’s people must not compromise to the culture but display courage in the chaos.

Psalms [Vol. 2]

While all Scripture is inspired by God, Psalms are inspired for God. These ancient worship songs teach us how to respond to the unchanging God.


Giving his life away for gospel ministry landed Paul in prison, and yet all he could talk about was the need to rejoice. If he could find joy in there, we should be able to find joy no matter where we are.

Financial Proverbs

Whenever we refuse to handle our finances God’s way, we invite unnecessary chaos into our lives. In the Book of Proverbs, God provides practical wisdom that is as relevant today as when it was first written. Discover God’s will for your money, and you will experience God’s best for your life.

He Shall Be Called

esus was prophesied to be the Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, Mighty God, and the Prince of Peace. Are you experiencing Jesus to be all these things to you?


Sometimes the spiritual apathy among God’s people is so tragic that He desires to close the doors to worship altogether. Offering nothing would be better than offering leftovers. Join us as we study verse-by-verse through the Book of Malachi and hear how God responds to those who tragically give Him the bare minimum.

Distinctive Discipleship

If you feel like you are stuck in your Christian walk, then it is time to start moving again. The solution for spiritual stagnation is distinctive discipleship.