Don’t Give Them What They Deserve

Our tendency is to repay people for any negative words or harmful actions, but Jesus taught quite the opposite. The way of the kingdom is counter-cultural and yet life-giving.

Avoiding Divorce

While divorce is permitted in the Bible, it is never promoted in the Bible. Learn what Jesus had to say about those considering dissolving a marriage union.

Lured by Lust

Adultery always begins far before the act. We must be careful what we look at and what we think about if we are to remain faithful to our commitments.

If Thoughts Could Kill

Jesus taught that just because your anger may not lead to murder does not mean that your thoughts are unclassified as sin. Unaddressed anger must be confronted in our lives.

The Fulfillment We Need

The coming of Christ was the fulfillment of the Old Testament expectations and the requirement for our own righteousness. Jesus came from heaven so we could go to heaven.

How to Be Truly Happy

As Jesus began the most quoted sermon in history, he explained what the blessed or happy life looks like. Living according to the principles of the kingdom is a pivotal yet promising paradigm shift.

Sermon on the Mount [Series Overview]

Jesus’ sermon on the mount recorded in Matthew 5-7 provided the standard for countercultural living for Kingdom citizens. Here is the overview of the sermon series as we study Jesus’ life changing words.