What’s Better Than 1 North Side Worship Album This Year?

Exciting stuff in the works with North Side Worship this year.  As a worship ministry, we are really focusing our efforts this year to help disciple our church through worship.  I have shared some of what that means, but I thought I would clue you in a little bit more today.

Today, you can pick up THE MANIFOLD WISDOM OF GOD: SERMON REMIX 2011 on iTunes or you can get a hardcopy at North Side.  That is just the 1st step of projects that we are working on as a worship ministry this year.  Months ago, I gathered the band together and asked them, “What would be better than 1 worship album this year?”  Someone got bug eyes, and replied, “2?”  The answer was correct as I shared what would be album #2 for us.  But then it went to 3.  And then even to 4.

Yep, we are planning on releasing 4 worship albums this year through North Side.

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The Man Born Blind

What a fantabulous day at North Side!  We were thrilled to release our new album “The Manifold Wisdom of God: Sermon Remix 2011” (photo courtesy of Taylor Wolfe).  While I couldn’t talk Jeff into doing his part live, the band did accompany his preaching.  We played track #10 off of the album which is in my top 2 favorite tracks.

Thank you for all that got copies today.  I loved hearing about the lines at the bookstore!  Hope the biblical truths are impacting you today!

Today, we worshiped to:

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