Sermon Remix 2011: Track Listing

You are looking at the great cover that Cory Wilson designed for our upcoming Sermon Remix 2011 album.  If you missed this announcement, we have taken pivotal messages at North Side from 2011, spliced them down to under 5 minutes, written and recorded music to back them up.

Since the last time I mentioned it here, we have added 2 additional tracks.  An EP is a 5-7 song collection, when you get all the way up to 8, you might as well go for 10!  Jeff picked two additional messages from last year on Habakkuk and Nicodemus.  So glad these were included!

Cory did a wonderful job on the artwork, and the final mixes are being worked on currently and they are sounding great.  The worship team members who have been involved have all stated that they thought this was a neat idea, but now, listening to them, they are blown away with how impacting these tracks are all the while being impacted by biblical truth.  This is a very unique project and we can’t wait to get it in your hands on Sunday, March 18th.

Here is the back cover and the track listings:

READ MORESermon Remix 2011: Track Listing

Sermon Remix: 2011

I’ve mentioned in the last couple of weeks some pretty exciting stuff coming up for North Side Worship this year.  I’ve talked about how we plan on discipling our church through our worship ministry.  I shared with how I felt the Holy Spirit was leading to a pretty big initiative and our team jumped at all the opportunities.  Let me now share our 1st offering coming your way very, very soon.

In many of our previous recordings, we have included a spoken-word track.  On Overcome, it was a message that was trimmed down from 40 minutes to 4 minutes with some music written for the piece.  The sermon served as a catalyst for the entire album and really summed up a lot of how God was leading our church at that time.  Jeff was originally against the idea because he didn’t want to have a lot of focus upon him.  I was able to talk him into it, and since we have released that album, I have heard more encouraging words concerning the track “Don’t Give Up” over any other track on the entire project.  It is powerful.

And I’ve always wondered: what would it be like if an entire project was dedicated to a sermon remixes?

READ MORESermon Remix: 2011