The Gospel of Mark [Sermon Series Overview]

I chose to preach through the Gospel of Mark because of the book’s two main focuses:

  1. Christology
  2. Discipleship

Our world is in need of a higher view of both of these concepts.  We need to know who Jesus is and we need to know what discipleship is.

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Church Matters

Church Matters_t

Sunday, we are starting a series at North Side entitled “Church Matters.”  During the summer, we are going to look at what the New Testament says about what a church is and is not.

Much confusion exists today on what a church is and what a church should be doing.  We hope to clarify that.  Not with our opinions or thoughts, but the Word of God.

We recently got some church members together to talk about how being a part of North Side has changed their lives.  It was incredible to listen to their stories:

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