Hymns for the Next Generation

I’m still giddy over last week’s worship service.  We released our new hymns album and sang through the entire ambitious project.  A night full of hymns with some pretty special arrangements.

When we started the project, a friend asked me, “Are you worried that if you change up the hymns too much, that some people won’t like them?”  Whenever you are dealing with people’s tastes, you will never please everyone, but my goal was not to please everyone but to unite everyone.

In the culture we are living in, there is a new worship song that bands want to do every week.  The danger is that the next generation will miss some of these wonderful worship songs.  I was worried when we put together an entire night of hymn worship that I was going to lose the younger generation’s attention span.  That’s why the arrangements were so eclectic, it was an attempt to gather all people together.

I didn’t know if it worked until I got home that night and had a Facebook message waiting for me with a teenager who is a worship industry “expert.”  He knows all the latest and greatest out there.  I was shocked by what he said:

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Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Our worship team is the best.  You can see from the picture above the sacrifices that each of them (and their families) make week after week.  This was taken during soundcheck early this morning where Cory’s son, Nate, asked if he could bring his pillow and keep sleeping.  The ability to sleep beside Cory’s amp is a very impressive feat.  So appreciative of all our volunteers on this Thanksgiving week that work tirelessly to lead in worship!

We focused on Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well.  Jeff’s message was incredibly powerful!  Never heard so much insight into this passage.  We also watched our Worship Preferences video this morning that we made with some talented folks (more on this later this week).

Today, we worshiped to:

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Songs of Our Faith [Recap]

I was absolutely blown away last night during our night of worship.  So much work went into pulling yesterday off.  From Anthony Gravley working hard in the studio, to Evan Boney working tirelessly on loops and programming, to the band working tirelessly on these ambitious arrangements, to the singers singing their faces off, to Jessica, Jamie, Cory, and the rest of the North Side staff working so hard on details, to the wonderful tech and host teams who had everything so well thought out, to the Watkins who went over and beyond in preparation, to the guest choirs that joined us (North Side was joined by New Life Baptist McCormick and Erskine Gospel Choir), it was a family effort through and through!

We were able to help raise support for Meals on Wheels.  We had a great time of just being family during and after.  Wonderful time of communion.  Songs of Our Faith album finally released.

And we worshiped with everything we had.  I have never heard that room so full of not a mixed band or group, but the volume was coming from the worshipers.  It was incredible.  So much I want to share, and I will in the coming days, but today, I am just grateful that this wonderful team allows me to lead worship alongside them and this wonderful church allows me to be a part of the ride.  Grateful.

Here are some more photos from the night:

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Songs of Our Faith – This Sunday Night!

Last night we had a fantastic practice/worship time as we prepared for this Sunday’s night of worship.  I say it was practice, but it was really worship.  When you get to work with the people I get to, practice turns into worship.

I’ll say this: this entire project (recording, planning, arranging, practicing) has been a more daunting attempt than anything else we have ever done.  The arrangements are very complex.  The instrumentation shifts from song to song.  Players and vocalists are being pushed to the max.

And, I’ve never been more proud of this group!

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Songs of Our Faith – Track Listing

We are so excited as recording is picking up pace around here.  North Side Worship is in the recording studio again working on our next worship project entitled: “Songs of Our Faith.”  This collection of worship hymns is full of wonderful lyrics pointing the church to Jesus!

The concept art is coming together.  The band is putting together some unbelievable music.  The vocalists are pushing themselves more and more each week.  The arrangements are more complex than anything we have ever tried to pull off.

We are planning on releasing the CD on Sunday, November 20th at 6pm.  We are in the initial plans of this worship event, and we hope you can come out.  We have some really special stuff planned.

So do you want to know what hymns made the cut?

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