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Tag: spoken word

“Authentic” Spoken Word by KB


I’m a fan of gospel music.  That is, music that focuses on the gospel.  Regardless of the art form, I always appreciate any genre that explains the truths of God’s Word (Col. 3:16) and does so in an excellent manner (Ps. 33:3).

A few years ago I was introduced to Reach Records’ KB who was performing at a Passion conference.  In the middle of Lecrae’s concert, KB gave a spoken word on authentic men and women in the Lord that was absolutely incredible.

I searched it the other night and remembered a line that had something to do with, “My girl hates teen magazines, she reads Ephesians.”

I found someone’s recording of it and then remembered this stellar line:

“Why do you say that men are dogs and then you get dressed and you feed them?”

Anyway, whether or not you are a fan of this art form, this is loaded full of good stuff.  Hope you enjoy it:

The Unconditional Love of Jesus


The video below is a snippet from our “Knowing Jesus” DVD.  My dear sister, Tammy, is doing a spoken word entitled “Unconditional Love” and then we lead the song “Friend of Sinners.”  I love how all this came together and love the energy captured here on video.

Enjoy it – if you want the entire 95-minute presentation, you can get a DVD or double disc CD at the church.

Hate Sin


What a special time of worship today!  I am so thankful that while we had some curve balls thrown our way today via technology bothers, we have a such a special group of volunteers that make things happen in such a great way week in and week out!

We were so blessed to have Cassie back with us today.  Such a special time just to see the church love on her.  Excited about the movement of the gospel among us.  OG also gave us directions for the way we are wrapping up our Love {in}Deed Sunday next week with a North Side staff vs. Burton Center clients basketball game Sunday 7PM.  Can’t wait!

Today, we worshiped to:
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