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Studio Video #10 – Interpretive Movement

Studio work is going great. The North Side crew has been cranking it out with Anthony over at Addeybug and we are getting real close. All the instruments are tracked (unless we hear something else we need), and the majority of vocals are done.

We went through five vocalists yesterday! We had already gotten three, and now we have four more to go. If we get those knocked out this weekend, the mixing will commence at a rapid pace so we can get this puppy out in your hands as soon as possible!

The following video is an interpretive movement of sorts. Amanda (the most beautiful and godly woman in the whole world) is tracking vocals on “Made Me Glad,” and our son, Obadiah, is providing the dance steps for the music. It sounds good, and my boy sure is cute.

Studio Video #9 – Pickin’ and Grinnin’

This next video chronicling the studio development for the upcoming North Side worship album is of JT himself, Eric Bryant. Eric is working on the arrangement and recording the acoustic track for “God of This City,” a fabulous worship tune penned by a band called Bluetree out of Ireland.

I make a cameo in the video as well, and somehow Tim Keeler makes a guest appearance too. Isn’t he in Japan?

Studio Video #8 – Chickity Chang Chang

Here is another video update from the studio for the North Side worship upcoming CD. Here’s Cory playing on “Friend of God.”

Studio Video #7 – Guitar Hero

Here is some footage from this weekend’s continuing studio work for the upcoming North Side worship CD. I’ve posted other videos here. This clip is of the guitar hero, John Kennerly, rolling out some rhythm tracks for the song “Everlasting God” by Brenton Brown.


Studio Video #5 – Shred It

Here’s a video of Cory working on “Amazing Grace.” Keep in mind, there are only a few instruments on this track yet and you are listening through a computer microphone and camera.

Cory is adding an extra guitar part that made we want to cry.

God is blessing this so much. It’s already sounding so huge.