God Doesn’t Need You

The universe will continue the previously planned operational schedule with or without any of us. God doesn’t need us, but He wants us.

Agents of God

Biblical theology includes an understanding of angelic and demonic forces. The spiritual realm is a war field with stakes higher than we could possibly imagine.


The doctrine of creation is a critical issue for theology because it sets up the foundation for all other doctrines within the Christian worldview. In the Scriptures, we discover a transcendent God who has sovereignly created all things.

The Work of God

God’s providential work among creation ensures that His benevolent identity guides His sovereign activity. To know the heart of God is to trust the hand of God. 

The Nature of God

Knowing who God is helps us comprehend what it is that God does. Within Scripture, we discover the glorious nature of God by embracing all of His attributes.

Natural Revelation

God has graciously revealed Himself to Mankind through His Creation and His Word. Natural Revelation is God’s attempt outside of Scripture to awaken our need for Him.

Enroll in Systematic Theology I

The study of God is the most essential discipline to get accurate during our lifetimes. Systematic Theology 1 will cover the major tenets of biblical doctrine.

How to Disagree on Theology

Have you ever heard about the deep disagreements and astounding admiration shared between George Whitefield and John Wesley? These two saw things differently but maintained a deep commitment to the bond in Christ.

Reintroduced to God as Father

Many people’s experience with earthly fathers taint the idea of God as Heavenly Father. We cannot follow God fully if we are unable to embrace Him as Father.