No Matter the Roughness of the Road

When we were in Africa, we got the privilege to be a part of Hausa Church one Sunday morning.  As we sat on the dusty porch with flies swarming us, I would hum along to whatever song our worship leader sang.  I knew one of the songs before I came, but the rest I just enjoyed listening and praying along.

One song they began to sing in Hausa, then they sang in English.  These were the words:

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Summer Mission Legends

We are so excited to welcome our summer missionaries back today!  Their flight will be landing this afternoon and heading back this way by this evening.

These six girls have been prayed for so much by the North Side family.  While members have been praying for each ones, one morning we also gave all worshipers the name of one girl that they were specifically supposed to pray for.  It’s been neat to have different people ask me how one of the girls was doing and if there was anything specific to pray for.

A few weeks ago, I drove through miles of farm in West Africa to a medium-sized village.  The road was incredibly rough as we navigated through crops.  As we approached the village, I saw a sight that would have been worth the entire trip.

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The Trouble With Following Christ

What a very special day of worship at North Side!  In addition to recognizing our graduates, we also commissioned six college students who will be spending their summer in West Africa as North Side missionaries.  God orchestrated a very appropriate and powerful service to send them off.

Jeff’s message from John 12 was specifically directed towards ministers.  For all those who minister the Word of God to others, there are times when our souls become troubled.  Jesus showed us how to speak the Word with grace and truth.  For this message to fall in this week with these ladies being commissioned was a powerfully God-ordained moment.

Today, we worshiped to:

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