Recap from Songwriting Retreat

North Side is blessed with some wonderful musicians.  I’m blown away I get to even be a part of this talented and godly group.

We also are blessed with some wonderful songwriters.  While different members have written songs, we have never written songs together.

Until Saturday.

I hauled everyone up in our house.  Split everyone into teams.  And then I was amazed by how the Holy Spirit led our time together.  Here was the secret to our time together:

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Biblical Songwriting Tips

As the Worship Academy has been progressing through the summer, we have studied many different roles of the worship leader.

One of those roles is that of a biblical songwriter.  I made a lot of mistakes when I first started writing songs.  I’m still learning so much with each attempt, but I’ve found some things to watch out for when you write a worship song.

Here’s a list of biblical songwriting tips that I shared with the group a couple of weeks ago:

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