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Italy converted the Splendid cruise ship into a floating hospital to assist the growing patients in their country. It transitioned from a trip of a lifetime to a hope for a lifeline. I believe our churches need to make the some type of transition.

Reorganizing Your Device

Our phones are often like a junk drawer in your house. You consistently put more in there and rarely take anything out. If you are serious about setting healthy limits regarding technology, you will have to make some intentional changes. It’s time to go the second mile in reorganizing your device. 

Commission Collective

One of the greatest mismanagements of Kingdom stewardship is when we reinvent wheels that have been running well for a long time. We must reorient ourselves as Christians and within our churches to a commission collective mindset.

Rocky Creek 2021 Annual Report

We’ve compiled highlights and stories over the past year and have shared some of our plans for 2022 which you can view or download below. We went over many of the items listed out in the Annual Report at our most recent Waypoint.  Download PDF If you missed out or watch to watch it…