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I got the privilege to develop this curriculum with Michael Catt, Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick, the Sherwood Pictures staff, and the wonderful people of LifeWay.  These three resources stemmed from the movie Courageous.  “Honor Begins at Home” received the Crown award for 2012 curriculum of the year.

The Love Dare for Parents Bible Study looks at parenting the way Scripture describes it. It’s about walking in relationship with the One who created us and entrusted our children to us. This study will inspire and strengthen busy parents—married and single—to learn and practice principles of love as they relate to their children, ages preschool to college. It offers a plan of action to more fully cherish and enjoy all of their children during each season of their lives. Leader helps for parents and small groups are included. (6 sessions)

The Resolution for Men – Bible Study includes content for small-group sessions, five personal devotions each week, and leader notes. You’ll also find icebreakers, interactive Bible study, provocative insights, and guided prayer. This men’s group curriculum was inspired by the document featured in the movie COURAGEOUS. The Resolution contained 12 commitments related to characteristics that all men of God want to pursue, such as responsibility, faithfulness, honor, justice, forgiveness, integrity, and courage. The Bible study walks participants through each of the 12 commitments, especially to their families, and identifies the biblical roots and showing how to live out each godly principle in real life. It’s ideal for men’s accountability groups.

Honor Begins at Home guides the participant through this compelling Bible study based on the movie Courageous. This 8-session study will take individuals and small groups deeper into biblical truths for a godly family, exploring topics such as redeeming your history, walking with integrity, winning and blessing the hearts of your children, and more.  Every session involves watching a clip from the movie to help group members engage in discussion.


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Parents have often developed misplaced priorities when it comes to their children.  Many children in America are so busy with numerous activities that their spiritual lives are unfortunately neglected.  Our approach is to drop our children off at the best church in town which we qualify by which one has the hippest youth minister, most attended programs, and nicest facilities.  For all our efforts, children are still walking away from church once they leave the nest.  There is another way,.  Don’t drop your kids off at church — bring them home to it.


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This children’s book reminds young minds that all good things come from God and all of our lives are for God. Every page of every story has one main character: it’s all about God.



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Freshman 15 is Travis Agnew’s first book.  Written as a guide for college students and graduating high schools seniors, this book encourages Christians to give weight to Christ in fifteen crucial areas during this pivotal time.

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best College helps on the planet!, October 20, 2009
By J. Kittrell

Travis Agnew is one of the best college pastors I’ve ever seen! Freashman 15 will give you insane insight into how to lead yourself as you go to college so that you can stay strong in your faith! Travis simply takes the wisdom he’s been teaching to college students for years, and condenses it in a book form so that you can easily use it! Don’t have an amazing college pastor around? Pick up Freshman 15 and study it with a group of your buddies! Every student that I’ve talked to after reading has gained huge insight into themselves, their friends, and college itself! Get a copy for yourself today! Get a copy for a buddy! Loan it out! Study it hard! It’ll rock your face in!

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