Obadiah Benjamin Agnew is Here!

I’m on little sleep, but I am so happy right now. Obadiah Benjamin Agnew is here! He came at 3:51pm on Tuesday, May 6, 2008. He weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long.

We woke up yesterday and Amanda was unsure of if we were in labor or not. I got out that book and diagnosed that we were in labor. She still didn’t believe me, so we called the doctor, and he told us to come into the office. At 7:45, we were told we were in fact in labor. But she wasn’t even feeling the contractions!

Around 10:00, they augmented her contractions to speed up the process. Amanda was great! I always knew Amanda had a mother’s heart, but yesterday I watched her turn into a mother before my eyes. She worked so selflessly to bring Obadiah here. She pushed a little less than one hour, and then he was here!

He sang for about the first three hours (I’ll be nice and say it was singing), and then he went right on to feeding with no problem. He was examined by the doctor and said he was a healthy boy – but Obie didn’t like being monitored too much – he decided to sprinkle on the doctor as soon as he took the diaper off. He has eaten well each time every three hours. He slept real good too – we had to keep waking him up to feed! We probably got 2-3 hours of sleep ourselves at different times.

He got circumcised this morning, and after watching that and watching my wife go through that whole ordeal yesterday, I am an emotional wreck. And I have a newfound respect for every mother in this world! I didn’t prepare for having to watch Amanda go through so much. She was fantastic. I can’t say how much this ordeal has made me love her so much more (I didn’t think that was possible)!

And then there was Jesus. How in the world do people go through something like this and not believe in a God?! It was the most life-changing thing I have ever witnessed. God still amazes me!

Obadiah is precious! I already love him so much, he is content right now…





Amanda and Obadiah

Amanda and Obadiah

Amanda and Obadiah


15 thoughts on “Obadiah Benjamin Agnew is Here!”

  1. Obadiah is presious!!! Congrats Amanda and Travis. My prayers and love always. Kathy

  2. !!!!! We are so happy for you guys. Seriously. We haven’t seen you guys in so long and did not know you were expecting…. BUT we’re so excited for you guys and your little baby boy!!! We are expecting a boy August 10!!! So, it’s settled. Our boys will have a worship band together one day. 🙂 ha. Love you guys.

    Dita & Thomas

  3. Congratulations​ Travis & Amanda! You are truly blessed to have such a beautiful addition to your family.

  4. CONGRATS TRAVIS!! Welcome to daddyhood. It’s an experience that will be unlike none other. You’re going to be a GREAT daddy! Welcome to the club!!

    HE IS SOO CUTE!! Know that we are praying for you!! We can’t wait to see him at church! Get some sleep (hahahahaha) just kidding!! That ain’t gonna happen for a while! Take care y’all!!

    Bob, Yvonne and Robbie

  5. We are so happy for y'all! May the Lord bless you during these restless, but oh so wonderful days! It was wonderful seeing you last weekend, and again, you (and Kyle) did a wonderful ceremony for Timothy and Paige!

  6. Congratulations Amanda and Travis!! I did not know about Obie until this morning at church! He is absolutely precious and Trav you look like a PRO Dad with him. I cannot wait to hold him and love him. Call me if you need anything. Love you all,

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