Partnership Priorities: Greatest Impact

When a church is looking at developing a partnership with a mission organization, what’s the priority?  The third priority should be:

Greatest Impact

What is the greatest impact your church can have working with your strategic partnership?

As we prioritize mission endeavors, we must also be intentional to select opportunities that have the greatest possible impact.  By working with the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, South Carolina Baptist Convention, and the Lakelands Baptist Association, we will seek to serve in areas that are strategic locations that have a great possibility for a significant impact.  Just as Christ sent His disciples to strategic places (Matt. 10:5-6), the Holy Spirit scattered the early church to key cities (Acts 8:1-2). Peter was sent to a strategic Gentile congregation (Acts 11:17-18), and Paul was called to a specific city (Acts (16:9), our church would be wise to choose intentional places to be involved in for the most significant impact for the sake of multiplying our efforts.