Catalyst 09 Recap

Ben and I went to Catalyst 09 at the end of last week.  Catalyst is a leadership event for church leaders.  They get church and business leaders to share principles that can be implemented in ministry settings.  The event is always a wow event as far as production and they always have great speakers and worship leaders.

There was so much good stuff in there, I am still processing a lot of it, but I want to give you some of the best ideas from the event for you to chew on this morning:

Andy Stanley

  • Stop worrying about who is against you or for you, and start focusing on who you are for.
  • God takes full responsibility for the life wholly devoted to him (via Charles Stanley).
  • My responsibility is to be obedient to God and trust God for the results.

Malcolm Gladwell

  • Unconfident irritates me, overconfidence scares me.
  • In times of crises, we think we need daring decisions from our decision makers, but what we really need is humility.

Rob Bell

  • Sometimes the crowd thins.
  • You have Christian organizations ranking churches and pastors when we serve a risen Savior who says the first shall be last?!  Put the crack pipe down.
  • You be you.  Your Heavenly Father isn’t asking you to be like them.
  • If it’s going good at the church and bad with the family, nothing is good.

Tony Dungy

  • Your job as a coach is to make the players the best they can be.
  • Leaders are needed the most when times are hard.

Matt Chandler

  • The Fall called us to love the creation over the Creator.
  • It’s a lack of gratitude that makes you envy others and that is sin.

Francis Chan

  • When was the last time you thought to yourself, “I deserve to be in hell?”.
  • Why do we feel like we have to make the resurrection more exciting every Easter?
  • Grace makes everyone say, “Man, I wish I had your dad.”

Priscilla Shirer

  • When God interrupts our life, will we follow him?
  • We run out of energy doing other things that we are unable to do the Father’s will.

Dave Ramsey

  • Focus is lost for two reasons: fear and greed.
  • Pour intensity into things that matter.  Don’t put a fish on it and drive poorly!
  • The culture won’t respect you if you don’t come with excellence.

Chuck Swindoll

  • When God wants to do an impossible task, he takes an impossible person and crushes him.
  • We must be willing to leave the familiar methods without disturbing the biblical message.

Louie Giglio

  • Leadership is about knowing and following Jesus.
  • Sometimes we lose Jesus Christ in the pursuit of everything else.
  • Jesus go in his mark for 1,059 days of ministry and the first 40 were in the wilderness.

Andy Stanley

  • Developing a culture of trust is critical to the health and success of your organization.

I’ll post some more stuff in the future – great stuff.  Still trying to process everything.  Hope it blesses you.

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  1. Those are some awesome observaions, simple and to the point. Cant' wait to hear more. Let the process, process this is really good stuff. What is it simply brilliant or brilliantly simple??

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