“E-ya Kiss?”

We had a great Valentine’s weekend at the Agnew house.  Even though our Friday night date night plans were canceled due to the snow, we had a great time.

On Sunday night, the three Agnews were sharing cuddles, hugs, and kisses before we put Obadiah down for the night.  As we were making sure that every family member received an equal amount of love, Obadiah decided to run away from Amanda and myself and go down the hall to his room.  We didn’t know if he had gotten tired of cuddling, but he returned to show us what he was up to.

He ran back to us holding onto his picture of Eli that he has in his room.  He held it up and asked, “E-ya, kiss?”  He then proceeded to kiss his “bru-ba Eya,” then turn the picture to both of us to make sure that Eli was getting the same treatment that he received.  What were we thinking?  We were so glad that Obadiah had enough wisdom to realize that if one brother was getting love that the other one deserved it as well.

So the rest of the night, we kissed both of our boys, one up close and one far away.  And we knelt in the nursery together before bedtime and prayed that Eli would get here quicker so we and his brother could kiss him in person a whole lot sooner.

Sometimes, it just hits me like a ton of bricks: I am blessed beyond what I deserve.

3 thoughts on ““E-ya Kiss?””

  1. BEAUTIFUL!! Tears are welling up in my eyes and streaming down my face! God working in and through our children is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! May that phone call come quickly so we can all lavish Eli with love SOON!

  2. Such a sweet heart! Amazing that God has blessed you this way and that He has blessed Obie with you two… and soon Eli!

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