Adoption FAQ #6: “How Will This Affect Your Son?”

Since we decided to adopt, we have had questions concerning what does this mean for the rest of our family.  People have wondered in particular what this will mean for our other son, Obadiah.

I appreciate the concern.  Obadiah is a special child, no doubt.  It has been said in many different ways, but some people seem to think that adopting Eli might mess Obie up.

As of right now, when you ask who is your family, Obie states, “Daddy, Mommy, Obie, E-ya.”  We pray for him each night.  Obie makes sure we all give Eli a night-night kiss on his picture.  While things can change and sibling rivalry is sure to rear its head at some point, right now, Obie loves his brother.

So, what does adopting Eli mean for Obie?

  • Obie will not grow up racist like most of my generation did and most people do in the South.
  • Obie will learn that you address needs when you encounter them.
  • Obie will learn to love and care for a brother.
  • Obie will learn that the whole world does not revolve around him.

So, will this adoption affect Obadiah?  You sure betcha, and I am so excited to see it change him for the better.

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  1. Love it man!!! I am so pround of you and your family and you are such a great dad. God Bless you Trav!!!!! MJ

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