Happy Birthday, Dear Mommy!

We’ve had a great time celebrating Amanda’s birthday today!  The boys had some special surprises for Mom, and I had some too.  All 3 Agnew men are crazy about her!

This morning at breakfast, I told the boys, “Years ago, Daddy was a young little fella who looked out at the state of the world, and I wondered if there a woman whose beauty was so amazing on the outside that it could only be surpassed by her beauty on the inside?  Would I able to find a woman who loved the Lord and could partner with God to take care of a needy guy like me?  Is there someone out there that I would desire to spend every waking hour with?'”

Obie shouted, “Mommy!”

“You are too correct, lil’ buddy.”

Happy birthday, Amanda, the Agnew men are absolutely mesmerized by you.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dear Mommy!”

  1. Beautiful as a servant of God, devoted wife, patient mother. So blessed to be called friend! Worth celebrating every day!

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