“There’s a Baby in My Tummy!”

The other morning, I went to get my boys dressed for the day before work, and I found Eli had stuffed his teddy bear into his shirt and was patting it saying, “there’s a baby in my tummy!”

When I saw him there giggling and running around, I couldn’t help but think how far we have come.

Eli’s really been fascinated with this whole baby thing.  His mom is 9 weeks pregnant.  Both of his aunts have been pregnant in recent months, and so he is used to seeing ladies with a tummy and he associates them with being pregnant.  The problem is when he went up to a lady in the story yesterday, patted his belly, and yelled, “Baby!”

She wasn’t pregnant.

After we tried to fix that issue, it’s been some really cute moments.  Obadiah and Eli argue over whether it’s going to be a baby brother or a baby sister (I’ve got a hunch…).  I ask them who the baby will look like (that’s a fun conversation ;)).

I’ve already got this moment in my head that I can’t wait for.  I’m excited about this new baby coming for many different reasons, but I cannot wait to get the boys and walk them down the hospital hallway to introduce them to their new sibling.  I can picture it now.  The boys will be tip toeing in the room with those curious glances.  They will pat the baby’s arm, tickle the baby’s toes, and give the baby kisses.

I know there will be a day when Eli asks about what he was like when he was in Mom’s belly.  I’m already thinking through how to talk about this.  God brought both of our boys into our homes.  They came through different ways, but God was responsible for both.

I can’t wait to see the boys as big brothers.  I know I’ll be very nostalgic through the process thinking about where Eli would be if God hadn’t grabbed our hearts about adoption.  I’ll be thinking about how our home would not be the same without him here.  I’m going to look at our family that will be quite the family portrait spectacle, and think it’s the most beautiful picture I’ve ever seen.  Because that’s my family.  And everyday, God is reminding me how truly blessed I am.